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Mining for Truth with Point of View (7 lessons) by Sarah Simpson, Martin Co.

Elementary, My Dear Watson--Investigating Reading and Writing (7 lessons) by Jackie Robertson, Hancock Co.

Volume and Surface Area (5 lessons) by Ashley Gootee, Muhlenberg Co.

Polynomials (5 lessons) by Erron Prickett, Gallatin Co.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

KYAE 2015 Outstanding Lesson Competition Finalists

We would like to showcase the following finalists for the KYAE 2015 Outstanding Lesson Competition. Congratulations to these instructors and their outstanding lessons!

ELA Finalists
"I Approve This Message" - Sarah Simpson/Vicki Cline/Donnie Osborn, Martin Co.
"Back It Up - Recognizing How Authors Support Their Arguments" - Jackie Robertson, Hancock Co.
"What Footprint Will You Leave?" - Jackie Robertson, Hancock Co.
"Analyzing Effects of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - Jackie Robertson, Hancock Co.
"Gettin' Real with Gettysburg" -- Lee Ann Branham, Greenup Co.

Math Finalists
"How Steep Is It?" - Ashley Gootee, Muhlenburg Co.
"Adding Integers" - Anna Adams and Sherry Combs, Boyd Co.
"Weekend Getaway" - Julie Hendrix, Powell Co.
"The Shape of Things to Come" - Wolfe Co. Team
"Checkbook Integers" - Whitney Stroup, Mason Co.